Mothers Union

Mothers Union is a Christian organisation and its mission is caring about family life. Some children have more than one set of parents, and this can cause problems. Impartial understanding and caring help can be a lifeline and the MU parenting courses are designed to help those who may be finding difficulty.

Locally, the Friendship Project at St Augustine in Halifax has now been officially adopted by the Mothers Union. It involves serving soup & rolls to refugees and asylum seekers and their families, who are in need of help such as legal advice, assistance in obtaining accommodation and basic essentials etc. Whilst there, the women are taught how to knit, sew, bake and there are toys for the children. 
The Visitors Centre Tea Bar at New Hall Prison is manned by MU members who serve much appreciated drinks to families who may have travelled miles to visit someone in prison. The MU also has volunteers who go into the mother and baby unit inside the prison.

The MU has produced a recipebook called Grub on No Grant which is much appreciated by students struggling to feed themselves on little money. We are active world wide in our links with families struggling to cope with floods, wars, and famine etc. and our members number many thousands.
Nearer to home the MU has set up a project called Loving for Life which offers marriage preparation for couples planning their weddings. There are also families who cannot afford the luxury of a holiday and the MU has a wonderful scheme to help such families to have a holiday away together.
Both home and abroad, near or afar, members are there to assist in whatever capacity. The Mothers Union believes in relationships not regulations.