he Parish is in the southwest corner of the Brighouse & Elland deanery, bordering on (within the deanery) the neighbouring Parishes of St. Matthew’s Rastrick. St. Martin’s Brighouse, (outside the deanery) St. Francis and St. Thomas, Bradley (Huddersfield)

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The north of the Parish is marked by the River Calder, the south partially by the M62 Trans-Pennine Motorway and lines drawn on a map; the west is on the edge of housing next to a substantial area of “green belt”.
The Parish is split into three unequal parts, roughly northeast to southwest by two roads, primary and secondary routes towards Huddersfield. The geography of steep hills running in two directions hinders physical communication somewhat.
The Parish is mainly residential with one small section devoted to industry – major engineering works used to flourish there (the Birds Royd area) but have mostly disappeared; other industries such as greetings cards and window manufacture have replaced them. There is a wide range of age and economic representation in the Parish but it is almost exclusively white British with only a few Asian and other races represented.
In recent years there has been something of an explosion in new house building, including two fairly small apartment developments. Houses approaching £0.5 million can be found in the Parish and there are two council estates, some with small flats included. About 20 years ago there was a boundary change where one council estate of around 100 houses and some middle class homes were transferred to St. John’s. Even so we are still a relatively small Parish in terms of population.
People shop in Brighouse and Huddersfield. We have one primary school in the Parish – but there is another within 10 yards of the Parish boundary and a secondary school within 50 yards of the boundary. It has been estimated that less than 50 % of the residents of the Brighouse area are “indigenous” – many people working in Leeds Bradford, Huddersfield and Manchester, all of which have easy communication routes. There is a railway station in the Parish.
We have no rest homes, hospitals, hospices, only a few shops and a wider range of industry (see above) but we are involved in Schools through teachers who are members of the Church, traditional links and Christmas services. There are neither doctors’ surgeries nor post offices within the Parish but they are nearby.