Worship and Services

There is always a warm welcome to any of our Church Services or Acts of Worship. We welcome Christians of all denominations and if you usually take communion at your own church then you are welcome to join us in communion here at St John the Divine.

The congregation at St. John the Divine is a cross section of people and generations, from pensioners who have worshipped here for most of their lives to families with young children

The core congregation at St. John’s is a faithful community who have remained dedicated to the worship of our Lord. Our worship is middle of the road Anglican with bible based preaching and teaching. It reflects the mixture of modern and traditional views that are held by a diverse group of Christians who enjoy worshipping together and benefit from each others company.

Regular Service times: Sunday 11.00am  Holy Communion or Morning Worship Wednesday 10:30 Said Holy Communion on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays