How to make a Christingle

  • Take your orange (or smaller fruit) and fasten a piece of red sticky tape/ribbon/wool around the middle. Cut a small cross in the top of the orange Wedge the candle firmly into the orange.
  • Load four cocktail sticks with a mixture of dried fruits or sweets so that the points are covered and insert around the base of the candle.

The work of The Children’s Society

Christingle celebrations raise over 1.2 million pounds each year to support the work of The Children’s Society, a charity helping vulnerable children and young people. The Children’s Society was founded in 1881 by Edward Rudolf, a Sunday school teacher who was horrified by the poverty he saw on the streets of London. One day, some of his Sunday school children did not turn up at church. He went out to look for them and found them begging on the streets. To stop these children ending up in the workhouse, he set up a series of children’s homes.

The work of The Children’s Society has changed over the years, but vulnerable children and young people still need our help, especially given the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on mental health and the economy. Last year we helped over 11,500 children directly through our services and we lobbied for changes that impacted on the lives of many thousands more.

If you are able please donate towards the work of the children’s society this link will take you directly to the St Johns Rastrick website Christingle page where there is an option to donate via our own donations page St Johns Rastrick Donations Page

The Christingle

When the Wise Men visited Jesus after this birth in Bethlehem, they brought gifts. At Christmas many of us give and receive gifts – a symbol of the love we have for family and friends. The Christingle reminds us of the many good things God gives, and of the need to share them, not only with our family and friends, but with the whole world.

Take a moment to look at your Christingle.

Think about the Orange

The orange represents the world. God made the world and all that is in it for us to enjoy. What part of creation are you particularly grateful for today? A special place, a creature, another person? Give thanks for that place/creature/person. Sadly, we have all been guilty of damaging God’s creation or not appreciating it enough. Take a moment to say sorry and to pray for God’s creation where it is suffering.


Think about the red band (ribbon or tape).

The red band represents the love of Jesus, who gave his life as a gift for us. Who is special to you? Whose love are you grateful for today? Give thanks for them. At this time of year, some are feeling lonely or sad. Pray for any particular needs of those known to you.

Think about the four cocktail sticks and the fruits or sweets.

The cocktail sticks and fruits remind us of the four seasons,  of food and all the good things God gives us. Which season are you most grateful for? What are you favourite foods? Give thanks for them. Some people in our country and in the world do not have enough food. Pray for them.

Think about the candle/light source.

The candle represents Jesus, the Light of the World, who brings joy, happiness and hope to the world and all people. What things make you full of joy? Give thanks for them now. Some people do not feel joyful or hopeful and are struggling. Pray for them.