Community and Faith

Find out about our community and our Faith......

  1. The Start! Course (‘God, Jesus and the Journey of Life’ in Six Online 1-hour sessions)                                            is a fun way to explore the Christian faith with others in a small group. It makes no assumptions about what you believe! The sessions are: -
  • Life is for Living
  • Oh my God!
  • Jesus who?
  • What’s gone wrong?
  • Dying to save us
  • Into the arms of love.

Each session is based around short videos (shot in fairgrounds, railway stations and Blackpool beach!) and discussion points. Interested? Please email 


The Bible Course

  1.  - What is this best seller all about?
  2.  - Is it relevant today?
  3.  - Where do you start?
  4.  - Got questions to solve?

 Join our a groups on zoom exploring this big story

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