Homily notes for Palm Sunday


A question for you!

How do we know where to take our readings from?

Perhaps that’s an easy question to answer.

I guess you know that they come from the Lectionary on a three year cycle. (with some additions)


On Palm Sunday the readings are listed as:-

“The Liturgy of the Passion.”

(Matthew 26:14 to 27:54)

Each year the readings tell the story of the trial and death of Jesus from the Last Supper to his burial as told in the various Gospels.

In Church we often have a dramatic “Passion Reading” and that would have been the case today.


But if you only concentrate on those readings you will never hear the story of how five days before the people shouted “hosanna” and waved tree branches in front of Jesus and how he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

Missing this out would be a shame. After all this is how Palm Sunday got its name.


The Lectionary says we can have the “Liturgy of the Palms” to start with.

This year the reading is from Matthew 21.


In the Liturgy of the Palms we bless the palm crosses and then sing and wave the crosses to remind ourselves of the “Triumphal ride into Jerusalem. Here we process round the local streets with our crosses. The ritual gives us a sense of joining with the people of the time and all the generations who have waved their palm branches.

It’s also a demonstration of our faith if you like a witness to our community.


However, we also have to remember that this same crowd would turn against Jesus. Remember how, on Good Friday, they would call for him to be crucified.

So here on Palm Sunday we need to remember that we are asking God to help us to stay loyal to Jesus no matter what we might face.


In these difficult days staying loyal to Jesus is something we all have to grapple with. But remember although we may sometimes dither Jesus never changes. He is always loyal to us.

God bless you today and always.