Prayer Cards

Daniel writes:

I always had bad relationships with people including my close family and friends, and come to think of it I always asked for God's intervention. I really believe in God but I fear that's beyond my control.
I don't really know, but people always were telling me, that they always felt "dark presence" around me more than once.

I'm asking for a prayer about me, because I don't know why am I like this, I abide by God's rules. I don't know why was it happening to me for the last few years.

Lucy has suffered with glanular fever and whilst recovering from that, she was hospitalised because she developed blood clots in her leg, hip and pelvis.  I pray for her recovery every night.  Please pray for her. Thank you so much. 

Lucy,s Nan.

For the residential homes in our parish, Cygnet Lodge, Rastrick Hall and Grange. No Covid-19 deaths but Les Weston and George Midgley have died. And Phyllis Barnes, a long time member of St John's. 

They are all  pleased to know of our prayers.