What is it like? Some say it’s a dream, others call it a joke.  Some describe it as a puzzle – and a lucky few enjoy the life of Riley?

Or you could picture it like a seaside theme park featuring:

  • a roller-coaster – full of ups and downs
  •  a merry-go-round – always spinning, going nowhere
  •  too much like a stick of candyfloss – looks great, but doesn’t add up to much
  • a view from a deckchair as you watch the world go by

If you’ve got questions about life and the Christian faith and are looking for answers, then why not make a Start!  Come along to these informal evenings about God, Jesus and the journey of life in six experience required!!

God, Jesus and the journey of life in six sessions!!

9th Jan -   What’s life all about?

16th Jan -  Is there a God?

23rd Jan - Why is there so much mess in life?

30th Jan - Who is Jesus?

6th Feb -   Why the cross?

13th Feb - Where do I get started?


Mondays 7.45pm – 9pm in

St Johns Community Hall




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