What is it like? Some say it’s a dream, others call it a joke.  Some describe it as a puzzle – and a lucky few enjoy the life of Riley?

Or you could picture it like a seaside theme park featuring:

  • a roller-coaster – full of ups and downs
  •  a merry-go-round – always spinning, going nowhere
  •  too much like a stick of candyfloss – looks great, but doesn’t add up to much
  • a view from a deckchair as you watch the world go by

If you’ve got questions about life and the Christian faith and are looking for answers, then why not make a Start!  Come along to these informal evenings about God, Jesus and the journey of life in six experience required!!

God, Jesus and the journey of life in six sessions!!

For more information about meetings call Alan on 01484719631 or email

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