Rucksack Club


        TEL. No.
500 12-Mar Full Day   E Ogden 716652
501 16-Apr Full Day   D Wilson  713549
502 07-May Full Day   E & J Ogden  716652
503 22-May Half Day   S & A Ramsden  654994
504 04-Jun Full Day   K Hallewell/D Pitts 713774
505 26-Jun Half Day   R & A Beaumont  716871
506 09-Jul Full Day Challenge Walk A & A Howarth  387426
507 24-Jul Half Day Followed by Barbecue @ Wilsons' S Guy  712874
508 06-Aug Full Day   R & M Ellis  718013
509 21-Aug Half Day   H Wilson 01422 313570
510 03-Sep Full Day   M Haigh  711824
511 25-Sep Half Day   S & A Ramsden  654994
512 08-Oct Full Day   M Storey  713663
513 30-Oct Half Day Corporate Communion A & J Aspinall  718969
514 12-Nov Full Day   S Hollingdrake (+2)  716821
Annual 26-Nov   Outlane Golf Club  
515 27-Dec Full Day Sandwich @ Bradley Park Golf Club R Beaumont  716871
516 14-Jan Full Day   R France  717435
AGM 08-Feb AGM Sturrock Room 7.30pm  
517 18-Feb Full Day   J Guy  712874


Rucksack Club

500th Walk Celebration


To celebrate the idea of a walking club between Michael Storey and Leslie Wilcox on a walk to Stoodley Pike in 1980, the Rucksack Club will be holding two walks to Stoodley Pike on Saturday 12TH March.


‘A’ walk – leaders Alan and Eric (01484 716652)

11 mile walk, easy/moderate going.

Leave Church at 9.15am. to drive to the White House pub above Littleborough and walk along the Pennine Way to meet up with the ‘B’ walk for lunch at Stoodley Pike at 1.00pm. Then return to the White House.


‘B’ walk – leaders Graham and Robert (01484 716871)

4/5 mile walk, short uphill section then easy going.

Leave Church at 10.00am. to park at Withins Clough car park Cragg Vale and walk along the Calderdale Way and the Pennine Way to Stoodley Pike for a joint lunch.


Please put your names on the list in church or let the leaders know if you are walking.


All are welcome to join us on either walk




Members and former members are looking forward to enjoying the 500th walk celebration lunch at Berties on Sunday 13th March.